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The rooms are built in pine wood with a full glass wall overlooking the forest.

We have strongly sought the absence of barriers between inside and outside; he who lives there has the perception of being in nature.


The acoustic insulation is very well maintained; to avoid hearing noises, the wall that separates the rooms is double with sound-absorbing layers in the middle.

The glazing is triple and very heavy with very high sound insulation. Furthermore, to avoid acoustic bridges, all the systems are external, thus avoiding drilling the wall.

The ceiling is also interrupted between one room and another.

Warm, welcoming, essential almost monastic.

The furniture is deliberately simple  so that the guest's gaze is always outward.

Being wrapped in wood and looking at the green of the forest often leads to a natural slowing of heart rhythms and helps you sleep.


  We provide:

  • Kettle

  • Hairdryer

  • Fridge

  • Herbal infusion

  • Glasses

  • Satellite TV

  • Free Wi-Fi


If you are lucky and a wild animal approaches, you can watch it quietly without him hearing you. It is magnificent.


The bathrooms are clean and basic.

The shower is very large: 2 x 1 m.


Km 0 shower bath with echinacea extracts and verbena essential oil of the "IL RITORNO" farm.

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