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The house

Casariga is a wooden house wrapped in a hillside fold and covered with a layer of earth.

The effect is that the roof is the extension of the meadow.


The structure in its entirety is massive, extending in total to 1000 m2, but it almost completely disappears in the landscape.

Our guests sometimes have a hard time finding us and keep going back and forth looking for a house that isn’t there.


Although Casariga is underground, it is still a wooden house with its characteristic smell which, I don’t know why, lifts the spirit.
Most of the walls are pinewood, the floor is bamboo and the outside is larch.


From outside you only see wood, stone walls made with the rocks collected all around during the construction digging, glass and corten steel, but above all grass, woods, flowers and trees. From far away you have no sense that there’s such a big house there.


The meadow and the woods are one with the house, so they are very cured, while always respecting their wild state. Absolute queen of this space is aunt Raffa, who is always quarrelling with Luna, our dog.

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