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Activities nearby

If you like biking this is the right place!


Here it is full of tracks of every kind: easy, hard, long, short.
We suggest you have a look here:

Bike tours

If you’d like to try one of these tracks but you haven’t got a bike with you, we have some electric bikes for rental.

If instead you like walking, here we have high mountain trekking, hard, high altitude, bare, no trees, only huge rocks, stones and snow. The Dolomites:

There is the half mountain trekking, from a small village to a salaš, to a small hunter’s hut in the middle of the woods.

There is the walking to see the World from a different perspective. Going through a village and seeing the old lady hanging out her washing, saying hi and having a chat.

Trekking tours

2 km from here we have the Comano thermal baths [Info]

Those are medical baths specific for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, they cannot be used recreationally.

For relax and wellbeing there are the Arco thermal baths 25 km from here [Info]

And at 22 km the Caderzone thermal baths [Info]

When it rains, by taking the car or the bus it is possible to take advantage of the culture and the art:

MuSe [Info]


Fiavé Stilts Museum [Info]

MART Rovereto [Info]

Museion Bolzano [Info]

or the castles in Trentino [Info]

We are surrounded by amazing lakes; the biggest and most famous lake is Lake Garda which is about 25 minutes by car or an hour by bike from us.

But the prettiest lakes are the smaller ones:

Lago di Tenno [Info]

Lago di Molveno [Info]

Lago di Lagolo [Info]

If instead it’s winter and you want to go skiing:


Andalo is 25 km away
Pinzolo is 30 km away
Madonna di Campiglio is 45 km away
Bolbeno is 10 km away

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