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The Accomplishments of Casariga


To obtain these performances we had to apply a lot of cutting-edge building techniques:
Geothermic, heat pump, ventilation control, wind resistance, thermal coat particularly efficient, thermal solar panels, greenhouse effect managing.
A central intelligence handles all these things together. This gives the house a sort of soul by which it moves by itself like a living organism.

Casariga is a structure which produces zero CO2.

Casaclima gold is a certification famous around the world for simplicity and seriousness.
It certifies that the house consumes energy equivalent to less than three litres of petroleum per m2 per year; Casariga consumes one.
Other than energy saving performances though, Casaclima is also based on comfort level.


Other Accomplishments:

Costructive Alps 2015 [Info]

Received biennial Swiss prize for the best architectures in the Alps.

Casa Clima Awards [Info]

Received prize given to best Casaclima certified structures.

GEO Saison Classifica [Info]

Chosen by German newspaper Geo Saison amongst the top 100 European hotels and top 10 in the Alps.


Building in trentino 2013-2016 [Info]

Merit mention.


The Plan Awards 2016 [Info]

Hospitality sector first placed.


Archilegno 2018 [Info]

Prize for wooden houses.



Gambero rosso, International prize for Architecture and Design Bar, Restaurants and author Hotels 2015 [Info]

Special mention.

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